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It is always a good idea to go native when you are looking to reduce your water use and minimize problems. Orange County is the proud home to over 1,500 natural species and native trees. Here is a list of 3 of the common trees you can find in this area according to many tree services in Anaheim, CA.

1. Catalina Cherry Tree

The Prunus lyonii, better known as the Catalina Cherry Tree is also sometimes called a shrub. This is a fast-growing tree that can grow to a low height of 15 feet (this is when it is called a shrub) to 40 feet in height (a tree). It blooms white flowers during the spring and produces fruit during the fall. When the fruits ripen they turn red and look similar to cherries in flavor and appearance. These trees attract birds and butterflies, and it gives off a pleasant scent. The leaves are lush and dense providing an ample amount of shade.

2. Western Redbud

The Cercis occidentalis, better known as the Western Redbud is a plant that grows easily in any of the areas of northern California (that does not get below 15 degrees). In the southern parts of California, it is better to plant the Western Redbud close to irrigated areas or seasonal springs, streams, or damp areas. If you enjoy color, these trees flower magenta blossom during spring. Over the fall they deliver striking red and yellow colors.

It comes as no surprise that butterflies and hummingbirds really love these trees. It is also referred to as a shrub, yet it typically grows to a height of between 10 to 20 feet, and around 10 to 15 feet wide. This species handles sandy soil but prefers spots that are partly sunny.

3. Velvet Ash

The Fraxinus velutina, also known as the Velvet Ash, Modesto Ash, or the Arizona Ash, is one of the species of Fraxinus that is native to Southwestern North America, from Texas to southern California, and in Mexico from Baja California to Coahuila and Nuevo León.

You will often notice these medium-sized trees in median strips or parking lots due to how robust and hardy they are. They prefer sandy soil and partial sun. They are fast growers, reaching widths of 60 feet and heights of 50 feet. It is a deciduous tree that has leaves that will turn a vivid yellow just before they start dropping.

The common trees of Southern California are diverse and they occupy numerous ecological regions. These include dry domains such as the Colorado and Mojave Deserts, or humid temperature domains such as the Transverse Ranges and the South Coast. Each of these areas has its own set of characteristic vegetation, yet there is also a significant overlap among these regions.

The three main categories of trees that are native or commonly found in Orange County, CA include coniferous trees such as the junipers and pines, the broadleaf deciduous trees such as the maples and oaks, and the broadleaf evergreen trees such as the buckeye, and toyon.

For for help deciding which tree you have, call a local tree service in Anaheim, CA like Tree MD. They’ll be able to tell you the species as well as give you proper advice for tree maintenance.

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