Trim Your Fruit Tree for Larger Juicier Fruit!

Are you tired of getting a lot of tiny fruit that is not very good to eat?

We can trim your tree now for bigger, juicier fruit this summer!  Free estimates on trimming or removal service.

Trim your tree for stronger branches to hold all those large fruits

The worst thing you can do is nothing.  Every fruit tree needs to be trimmed every year to maximize production.  I’ll trim your tree to bear fruit at a reachable height (who wants to get on a ladder?).  All you can possibly eat is at a height within reach.  If a tree is trimmed properly, you’ll get more than you need, large fruit, and strong branches to hold it!  Free Estimates for trimming or removal services.

Citrus Tree Pro

Call us to trim your lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit tree – I’ll trim the deadwood out (which drains the tree of energy.  Energy it can use to make you more fruit) and trim for balance and strength.  I’ll check your irrigation set up and make recommendations.  Free estimates on trimming and removal services.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Mulching your fruit trees provides it with nutrients, helps hold in the moisture, and is beautiful!  Theres a proper way to mulch and I know how!  Call me for an estimate!

What’s wrong with my tree?

Not bearing fruit?  Curly leaves on your citrus?  Yellow leaves? Our consultations (a fee applies) will diagnose exactly what is wrong with your fruit trees and you’ll be on your way to a delicious crop!

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Pest Diagnosis

Something eating at your tree? Let me check it out and I can diagnose the pest and recommend the proper solution as well! (arborist consultation fee applies).

Let me help turn your garden into a showplace

Fruit Tree Trimming

Have you been growing fruit trees for awhile and looking to have it maintained professionally?

Training a fruit tree is a wonderful way to grow fruit in a small space.

We offer services to plant a fruit tree of your choice (we’ll guide you in the selection) and train it to produce abundant, high quality fruit.

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