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Is your oak tree dying? If it is, you might be able to save it by hiring a professional tree service in Laguna Beach, CA. However, you might not know whether or not it’s dying. With that said, here are five symptoms of a dying oak tree.

1. Loss Of Foliage

One of the telltale symptoms of a dying oak tree is loss of foliage. If the leaves are falling from the tree during the fall or winter time, then this might be normal. Leaves falling from the tree that are not related to the changes in seasons indicate there may be an issue.

There could be several underlying issues that are causing your oak tree to lose its leaves. This can be due to lack of water or a fungal infection. Certain insects can cause this to happen. If you don’t solve the underlying issue, then the symptoms could become worse, and your oak tree will eventually die.

2. Dead Branches

Another common symptom of a dying oak tree are dead branches. Branches that are dead can breakoff the tree easily, or they have severe breaks/cracks in them. If your oak tree has dead branches, then there could be other issues affecting the tree.

3. Yellow Leaves

An oak tree that is not receiving the right amount of nutrients could end up dying. One of the early signs of a lack of malnutrition are discolored leaves. More specifically, the leaves of an oak tree that isn’t getting adequate nutrition will be yellow. The leaves may also have veins that are greenish in color.

It may be difficult to know whether or not your oak tree is receiving the right nutrients. The best way to do it is by testing the soil. A professional can do this for you.

4. Severely Leaning

If your oak tree is starting to severely lean to one side, then this could be a sign it is dying. There are several reasons why your tree would be leaning, such as the roots are dead or have become weak. The solution to correcting the problem will depend on the underlying cause.

An expert can inspect the tree before diagnosing the problem. They’ll recommend the best solution, or several solutions if there are multiple available. However, there may be a chance that the tree would need to be cut down.

5. Rotted Roots

It’s common for root rot to occur with oak trees. Fungi and water mold are the two primary causes for root rot. When the roots are dead, eventually the tree could end up dying. This could lead to the tree falling down.

Root rot can be difficult to diagnose. If your oak tree has root rot, then you should take action to cure it as soon as possible. If you’re unsure if your tree has root rot, then give an expert a call.

Have you noticed any of the above five symptoms or all of the symptoms? If so, then the chances are your oak tree is dying. Luckily for you, there may be several things you can do to save it. The best thing to do is to hire a professional arborist or tree service in Laguna Beach, CA for a consult today.

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