Arborist Consulting

Fruit Tree Trimming

Take care of your trees in Orange County by consulting with a Board-Certified Master Arborist like Tree MD.

We have the technology, skills, and experience in working with virtually any type of tree so we can provide proper care. Tree MD’s consulting arborists in Orange County provide many different services that are designed to help maintain the beauty and health of your trees. We also provide solutions for drought stricken trees with a number of effective products.

It is the International Society of Arboriculture that continually promotes its ability to research and educate the public on how to properly care for trees. Our trained arborists can assist you personally, plus we work with many commercial clients in order to manage their property and trees which may involve providing advice, trimming, removal, transplanting, and planting of trees as part of a long-term care plan.

Expert Arborist in Orange County California

Tree MD is Orange County’s premier Consulting Arborist; we are exceptional at providing our expertise for the local community. Landscaping contractors, nurseries, landscape architects, members of the Orange County Chapter of the Rare Fruit Tree Growers of California and Master Gardeners that are in the Orange County area rely upon Tree MD’s consulting arborists for the best tree care available. Our personally trained arborists will provide advice to clients in the following ways:

Transplanting and planting trees. There are multitudes of people that are not aware of how to implement planting techniques for trees in order to improve their health, such as whether you should transplant them as a mature tree or a sapling. By working with a certified arborist, valuable advice that they can provide can help you with your tree by preventing root damage, provide advice on backfilling, and also guard against the potential of improper preparation and selection. These are professionals that want your trees to survive.

The art and science of shaping trees through trimming them regularly. This can be dangerous which is why people will often hire Tree MD for this purpose, an organization that understands how important it is to properly prune your trees to keep them healthy. If it is done by a professional, you will likely not lose as many branches, and liabilities will not be your concern.

Emergency Tree Care

When you have trees that do need immediate attention, you will need to contact a certified arborist. They have knowledge that is needed to preserve and restore trees, especially those that are storm damaged.

Ongoing Maintenance

When you provide your trees with maintenance, it should be periodic, and a schedule that will not conflict with governmental agencies or businesses that have a multitude of trees. It might be time to contact a Tree MD arborist so that your trees can be inspected, pruned, and fertilized on a consistent schedule. We will be able to handle any problems that may arise, allowing you to avoid what could potentially be an expensive problem and solution.

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