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If you’re new to owning an orange tree or multiple orange trees then you may be unsure about how to take care of them, especially when it comes to how much to water them.

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Proper care is important especially if you want your trees to bare oranges as well as live a long healthy life. Any issues along the way can, don’t forget to call your local tree service in Villa Park, CA. In this post, we will cover how often you should water them, signs of over watering as well as important tips to keep in mind.

Why Frequency Matters When Watering

Now, the frequency in which you water your orange tree would be dependent on the age of the tree. Young orange trees are best watered every couple of days. On the other hand, if you have an older and more mature orange tree, then you can water it once a week or even once a month. Another factor to consider when it comes to watering your trees is the season. During the dry season it is best to water your orange trees when the soil is dry or at least every few days. However, during the rainy season, it likely won’t be necessary to water them.

Orange trees typically grow in dry and tropical types of environments. As a result of this, they don’t need as much water compared to other types of trees. With that said, it is very important that you are careful not to over water or under water them. Other factors that impact how much orange trees should be watered include the type of soil they are planted, temperature as well as other environmental factors.

Signs Of Over Watering

1. Discoloration

If you over water your orange trees, this can cause the leaves to become yellow or pale green. This happens because the roots become waterlogged and they are unable to properly move nutrients throughout the tree. The leaves that become discolored may even drop over time. If over watering continues, the roots may rot.

2. Curling Of Leaves

Another huge sign that your orange trees are being over watered is if the leaves curl. This is typically the very first sign of being over watered.

3. Splits In The Fruit

Next, if your orange tree is bearing oranges but they are split before it is time to harvest then this shows over watering. This happens because the fruit is absorbing too much water and expanding too much which leads to the peel being unable to expand further and splitting.

Taking Care Of Your Orange Trees

In addition to controlling how many times you water your orange trees, you also need to take care of them by controlling the weeds where they are planted. Many people overlook this, but it is important to remove weeds from around your orange trees since they can easily take the water and nutrients that they need to grow well.

You should also fertilize your orange trees with a citrus friendly fertilizer. Orange trees will require balanced fertilizers that also have minerals such as copper, zinc, iron etc.

Wrap Up

In closing, we have just looked at how often you should water your orange trees. Once you follow the guidelines above, you will definitely take great care of your orange trees and enjoy them for a long time. Should anything come up whether it be tree diseases, or rot, call a nearby tree service in Villa Park, CA for expert advice.

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