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A wonderful, lush garden is a delight and source of pride for any homeowner, but the addition of trees can transform a lawn into an oasis of calm.

However, trees require maintenance – and retaining the services of an Irvine, CA arborist on a regular basis is a necessity, so what are the advantages to having your tree serviced regularly.

Irvine, CA Tree Services

Renowned poet, Joyce Kilmer wrote in 1913 that he did not think that he would ever see a poem as lovely as a tree, and for those that have ever sat in the leafy shade that a tree can provide there was never a truer word written.

Trees provide not only the perfect compliment to that lawn, but their shelter and sheer beauty calms and restores our sense of balance.

1. Essential for Health

Pruning trees is best left to the professionals. If done incorrectly it can harm the tree and cause untold problems – in severe cases it can stunt growth and even lead to serious issues with the health of the tree. However, the converse is also true, a tree that has been pruned by a professional is invariably healthier and exhibits strong growth.

Proper pruning removes dead branches or those affected by disease or the predations of wood boring insects. by removing these parts of the tree further damage is prevented. Of course, you will want your tree to look its best – and proper pruning adds to the attractiveness of the tree.

2. Proper Care Protects your Property

An overgrown tree can prove a menace to your home – and in certain circumstances can cause damage to the home which can be extremely expensive to repair. Rooted or dead tree branches on trees that are close to the home can cause damage to roofs and windows, as well as glass doors. All it takes is a storm or even strong wind and those branches can snap off and impact the home.

But it’s not only the overgrown trees close to the home that can prove extremely damaging falling branches can also impact on powerlines, creating a hazard – or cutting electricity supplies. A tree branch that falls outside of your property boundaries and injures someone on a public walkway is also a sure-fire recipe for finding yourself facing a claim for monetary settlement.

3. Saves you Time and Money

If there is one asset that can never be topped up it is time. In our busy lives there may not be time to perform the necessary tasks that keep our trees looking healthy. And in all honesty, wouldn’t you rather be using what little spare time you have to be doing something other than pruning a tree or treating it for any of the many diseases that can affect it? You’d also have to invest in equipment and natural or chemical treatments, it’s far easier to leave it up to the professionals.

Trees can be an absolute delight, but in order to get the most from these beautiful additions to any garden regular tree servicing is a must. Contact a professional tree service in Irvine, CA like Tree MD of Orange County and rest easy knowing that you will soon be relaxing on the sun-dappled grass, courtesy of healthy and vibrant leafy cover.

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