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Tree pruning is the science and art of getting rid of unwanted/ growth from your trees. Carrying out regular landscaping in your garden is a great way to enhance the appeal of the space, increase property value and maintain a cleaner space. Depending on the tools at hand and your level of experience in tree care, you can either prune your trees personally or rely on a local tree service in Orange, CA or a professional arborist.

The article below will highlight and discuss the top three reasons you should get your trees pruned regularly …

3 Key Reasons to Trim Your Trees Regularly

  1. To Enhance the Health of Your Trees

Most overgrown and out of place branches and twigs tend to harbor diseases, pests and other harmful organisms that can inhibit the growth of your trees. Further, dead branches usually make the perfect nests for insects and pests. By getting rid of diseased branches, you can stop the spread of diseases to healthy branches and in the process foster their quicker, healthier growth.

It is also important to point out that branches and leaves on a tree usually compete for water and minerals being absorbed from the earth. If your trees have excessive growth on them, they will likely take much longer to develop and grow. By getting rid of excessive branches, you will allow the remaining healthy branches to get access to sunlight and adequate amounts of minerals and water. This will mean healthier trees.

Diseased and dead tree parts usually attract diseases and pests which can inhibit fruit development and also cause existing fruits to develop unhealthily. By pruning your trees, you will be spurring faster growth and development of healthy fruits.

  1. To Avoid Safety Hazards

Overgrown tree limbs are usually a waiting disaster. For example, they can touch nearby electrical wires and induce a fire, they can block pathways and lead to avoidable accidents, and, they can also fall on your house when there is extreme weather such as storms and cause unfathomable damage.
Through tree trimming and pruning, you can get rid of branches that are hanging dangerously low or those that are close to critical installations and in the process enhance safety within your property.

  1. To Enhance the Appeal of Your Garden Landscape

Overgrown trees usually drop a lot of dead leaves across a garden especially during summer and the fall. Apart from being an eyesore, these tree leaves can also act as the perfect hiding spot for dangerous inspects, pests and animals. Pruned trees usually drop less vegetation meaning less maintenance of your landscape and better aesthetics.

Pruned trees are also easier to take care of. You can prune your trees in different designs and shapes that enhance the overall appeal of your garden.

Key Things to Remember Before and During Tree Pruning

• Tree pruning can be dangerous especially if the branches you intend to cut are high above or they are located above sensitive areas such as your roof – ensure that you have the appropriate safety gear
• Only use the right pruning tools so that you do not injure your trees

Only attempt pruning if you have the requisite training manual, otherwise, leave the job to a professional arborist or tree service in Orange, CA like Tree MD of Orange County. Call today at (714) 749-9580 for a free consultation.

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