Best Trees for Small Yard

A small yard is a delight for many people. It does not require all the upkeep of those larger expanses of lawn. But is also has its downsides. Among those is the speckled shade on the warmer days and that rustling when the wind pays a visit. Each of those will contribute to soothing your mental state.

Anaheim, CA Tree Service

But the good news is that even those with smaller back yards can also enjoy the wonders of the greenery and wonder that trees can bring, it just depends on what type of trees are planted. A nearby tree service in Anaheim, CA can help with that if you would prefer not going the DIY route.

Give Each Tree Space

The first rule is to give your tree its space. Make sure that the tree is at least two and a half times further from a wall that its supposed maximum height. And that doesn’t matter if it’s for shade or for providing that great healthy snack.

Thankfully, deciding which tree to plant in a smaller space is actually pretty simple for those in the United States. You can take all the guesswork around height, daily temperature, and soil conditions by consulting the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. If you have access to the Internet – then you should be fine. But always remember – your plant’s living conditions might demand extra care. Talk to professionals prior to making your purchase.

However, if you are considering purchasing a tree for a smaller yard or any type of property then these types of plants might meet your needs.

1. Prairifire Crabapple

The ever-popular Prairifire Crabapple is a tree that simply keeps on delivering. It doesn’t matter if it’s Spring when its pink flowers strut their stuff or later when the fruits arrive. It’s a beauty and a provider at the same time.

2. Japanese Stewartia

But, you can get even sorter. There are other types of trees that are perfect for smaller spaces such as the Japanese Stewartia. This wonderful plant can grow up to 10 feet tall. It’s stunning and the blossoms will add a touch of minimalist color to any home – just be aware that many apartments can be overwhelmed but this beauty.

3. Camellia Japonica

If you are at ground level and have a petite yard and want brightness and beauty the Camellia Japonica might be what you’re looking for. It’s a lovely evergreen that will resent wonderful flowers all year round. For those who might lack a green thumb, it’s a petite tree that does not need all the love and attention in the world. It is happy to make you happy.

4. Royal Star Magnolia

You might need slightly more space, but the Royal Star Magnolia which can grow as tall as 15 feet is a wonderful addition to any small yard space. It’ll stand up to temperatures that would other plants to shame – and the white flowers will provide a wonderful scent to any yard during the spring months. It’ll drop its leaves after that – but that’s a small price to pay for the wonder that this plant provides.

Dynamite does come in small packages. If you are limited in space, but still want the beauty that Mother Nature provides then these plants might just be for you. If you need help planting them, pruning or want to consult with an expert tree service in Anaheim, CA then give Tree MD a call. They are located in the 92866 area of OC and can be reached at (714) 749-9580.