5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming Trees

Irvine, CA Tree Services

Trees are a wonderful addition to every backyard. From providing shade to an eternal focal point, they stand the test of time while adding a natural element to the existing landscape. Of course, in order to ensure the longevity of any tree living in your yard, tree trimming is a necessary practice whether you do it yourself or hire an expert tree service in Irvine, CA. It can help strengthen the tree itself while also ensuring their health and protecting your property from undue damage.

Many homeowners make novice mistakes when it comes to tree trimming. From using blunt shears to wrong timing, everything can impact the outcome of your DIY trimming. Here are the most common mistakes you should aim to avoid:

1. Don’t Wait!

Waiting until your trees are overgrown definitely falls into the wrong timing category. It’s important to ensure the health of your trees well before insects are actively destroying them and wreaking havoc. Additionally, not timing your trimming session correctly can negatively impact fruit production and tree growth down the line. As a rule of thumb, trees without blooms should get trimmed in fall while blooming trees should get trimmed during springtime.

2. Incorrect Pruning Procedures

Pruning the wrong branches can actually weaken your tree and cause it to develop further health problems. Always start the trimming process by carefully removing dead limbs. Afterwards, work to remove the branches that join the trunk directly in the iconic V shapes. Under no circumstances should you cut heavy branches!

3. Not Cleaning Equipment

Most homeowners forget to practice proper sanitation when it comes to trimming their trees properly. Using rusted or dirty equipment could potentially harm your tree by transmitting fungi. For many, this problem doesn’t make itself known right away until much later when foliage starts to discolor or an abnormal growth occurs. In short, make sure you properly clean and sanitize the equipment you trim your trees with!

4. Avoid Using Blunt Shears

Another practice that’s detrimental to the health of your tree is using blunt shears without a proper blade. This actually creates wounds in the limbs of your tree that require a good deal of time to adequately heal. In fact, dull shears require several chops in order to remove the necessary branches. The best course of action is to use sharp and sanitized shears that are appropriate for tree pruning.

6. Not Setting Goals

When trimming a tree, it is necessary to set goals for yourself during the process. What is it that you hope to accomplish with the task? Is it to remove dead branches or to increase flower production? More often than not, refusal to set appropriate goals for the trimming process will result in semi-permanent damage to the tree that can impact its health for many months to come.

When in doubt, it’s best to seek the help of a professional arborist. They will have the necessary tools and equipment along with the proper knowledge on how to care for your trees. Additionally, a professional tree service company like Tree MD is able to spot health problems right away while offering comprehensive solutions.